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Direct from Kiirpa Laboratories

Kiirpa Gift Cards

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Buy as many Gift Cards as you wish.*

Use them anytime you want to:

- gift a Kiirpa to a loved one,

- donate Kiirpas to good causes,

- sponsor the work of the Kiirpa Foundation,

- send Kiirpas to war refugees, students, poor musicians, correctional institutions 

You can refund your gift card within 12 months if you don't use it.  If you forget, we will remind you.  After 12 months, if you do not request a refund or an extension, we will transfer your gift card to the Kiirpa Foundation for Music Education or Music Therapy, which will send you a receipt for your donation.


* Images are only for illustrative purpose and do not represent the broad spectrum of Instruments that may be purchased with a Kiirpa Company Gift Card!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Elaine Krueger
Best gift I ever made

I sent the gift card to a niece overseas that I only met when she was a baby so I don't know much about her. She's ecstatic! Wrote me the most heartwarming message I've ever received

Daniela T

We got a Concerto 15 to help our daughter through a tough moment.
Hubby opened the box, looked inside and......started crying.
I came over, looked inside and....started crying.
We knew we had something of immense value that would enrich our lives for all time.
We were right. (Our little girl has bounced back, too)
Can't believe how these folks manage to get such great effects acoustically...Wow!!! Works wonders on a worn soul!!!