Elettro is a line of solid and semi-hollow flat top and arched top electric Kiirpas.

We decided to go forward with the Elettro line of instruments when we had already bitten off more than we could chew.

Nonetheless, by burning a bit of midnight oil the basic design work has been completed. We are now testing all kinds of transducer options including building our own single coil pickups and nesting custom made piezo pickups in the floating bridge.

There are a lot of other challenges we're looking at in the prototyping phase but our initial manufacturing assessments indicate that we should have the first models in the catalog well before Christmas with prices similar to the Studio and Concerto collections.

In the mean time, any Kiirpa models can be electrified by Silvio Nocerino at the Kiirpa Labs' Custom Shop in Italy, usually by mounting triple piezo contact microphones at crucial harmonic junctures inside the top. Retrofitting piezo mics to serial production instruments does work but it ain't the best solution.

From Missoula, Montana Eric Forrest at the Kiirpa Foundation will be offering advice and consulting on the best ways to use diaphragm, condenser and ribbon mics for performance and for recording.