The Kiirpa Of Your Choice

You have quite a choice when deciding which Kiirpa is best for you or as a gift for someone else.

Only you can decide which is best for you. Kiirpa Gift Cards allow you to leave the choice of instruments to your loved one.

And we're here to help you in any way we can.  Remember, we offer an 8 day trial period, no questions asked, money back guarantee.  And after 8 days you can still return your purchase in exchange for a different model or store credit.

We'd love to talk person to person. You can always come for a chat in the lower right of your screen.

But feel free to read these few pointers first to get oriented to the features of the  different instrument models.

There are 7 Collections of Kiirpas: Troubador, Studio, Concerto, Classico, Custom Shop, Social and Elettro.


- Troubador is a Collection of fine entry-level instruments.

The T12 and T15 make up nearly half of all instruments built to date.

The T22, being large bodied and with longer, heavier strings has very good harmonic resonance and volume.

These flat top instruments are made from selected silver birch from the Karelia forests of northern Russia and Finland.

If you are an inexperienced musician, or purchasing your first Kiirpa just out of curiosity, the Troubador T12 or T15 is a good choice.

The T22 has a lot of strings and a larger body so handling it and tuning it does take a bit of experience.

Studio Collection is a qualitative step forward.  Choose this instrument if you want better tone quality than the Troubador while giving up a bit of volume.

The Studio Collection are all arch top instruments. The harmonic plates that make the front and back of these instruments are bent into an arch using our proprietary manufacturing methods and reinforced with strategically placed sound posts.

The 3.2 mm thick top has a very decorative and harmonics-enhancing 0.4 mm hardwood veneer bonded with high tech adhesive at extremely high pressures.

The bridges on these instruments are hand shaped from Hungarian Beech. 

If you are looking for arch top, hardwood tone quality and natural beauty a Studio collection model could be just right.

Again, the S22 has a heavier body and 22 strings which do require a bit of experience to get the most enjoyment from this larger Kiirpa.

Concerto Collection is the highest quality line of models currently available.  C12, C15 and C22 are superbly crafted instruments with each Kiirpa being made entirely from the same exotic tone woods. (See our notes on the protection of endangered species on our policies page in the main menu.) 

That these woods differ in cellular and fibrous structure and density insures each of these instruments has it's own unique resonant personality. 

For example, a C15 made of Paduka (a reddish-orange textured wood from Africa) has a slightly mellower tone than that of a C15 built with a brighter sounding Palissandro (a dense, perfume fragrant, dark-veined wood from India).

All arched bridges are hand-crafted from Palissandro. If you feel that you will appreciate the beauty, tone, resonance and craftsmanship of these superb instruments then Concerto Collection Kiirpa will definitely be worth your investment.

Here is a table that charts all Kiirpa Collection models, provides basic construction details and prices in dollars, euros and pounds.  

- Classico Collection are our highest end instruments.

Classico models are built one-at-a-time with painstaking care and precision by a highly experienced luthier and musician using nature's finest acoustic materials.

However, we are not offering these instruments at the moment as we still do not have reliable suppliers of long, high quality, high density strings and hi-tech lightweight ukelele tuners.

- Elettro Collection is our electric line of instruments.

These are also not available at the moment as we are still working out the technical details for designing, manufacturing and testing 12, 15, and 22 string pickups.

- the Social Collection are instruments made specifically for delivery to needy and deserving people.

These instruments are built non-profit, paid for by sponsors and delivered directly to the end users by volunteers. They are not for market sale or resale.

At present we are building a version of the T12 model for Ukrainian war refugees.

Please consider adding a couple of these instruments (2 for the price of one, 10 for the price of 5) to your order. 

Together we can make a big difference and bring solace to some shattered lives.

- a Custom Shop Kiirpa is definitely a possibility.

These are personalized instruments, built with extraordinary care, to your personal specifications such as number of strings, types of wood, dimensions, bracing, tuners, electronics, finishes, etc. and should only be considered if you are an experienced, professional musician or otherwise in need of a very prestigious musical instrument that thrills the heart that beholds it and sings at the touch of a fingertip.