Who's Playing the Kiirpa?

Everyone and anyone can and should play a Kiirpa as there are collections of models for every taste, need and pocketbook.  Remember, a Kiirpa makes an excellent gift for anyone on any occasion!

Children find the instrument fun, safe and easy to play with. It awakens their curiosity and their innate tendency to creative expression and (except for tuning) requires little or no adult guidance or supervision. Even from a young age, two children can learn to improvise music together. Think Prelude12 for toddlers; Prelude15,  Studio12 or Studio15 for the more musically inclined or for adolescents.

Friends are always overcome by the simple, inherent beauty of a Kiirpa and it's ability to initiate and deepen relationships between human beings, especially when played in tandem. Studio15, Studio22, Concerto15 and Concerto22 are best for tandem experience.

Beginners trying to awaken their inner musical voice find a sincere helper in a Kiirpa, be it for the sake of art, relaxation, therapy, romance or spirituality. 12 string models are usually good for easy adoption. Tone quality and inspiration improve from collection to collection.


Students appreciate the direct correlation between the strings of the Kiirpa and the lines and spaces of the musical staff.  The reading, writing, and theory of music can be learned quickly and enhance the joy of playing and practicing. The Studio Collection is specifically designed for the musical evolution of students. The Elettro Collection may also be of interest to students of jazz, rock, country and indie music.

Amateur Musicians are in the lead as early adopters of the Kiirpa, ambitiously taking it up as a second instrument - and often as their first instrument - given that it offers such broad expression with a faster learning curve.  Amateur Musicians definitely appreciate any model of Kiirpa they can afford.

Professional Musicians including guitarists, harpists and pianists as well as singers, percussionists, composers and recording engineers all have expressed awe and enthusiasm for the Kiirpa and the possibilities offered by it's diverse qualities and innovations. The Concerto Collection has been created for professional musicians who may also be interested in the upcoming semi-hollow electric Kiirpas in the Elettro Collection.

Classical Musicians are eager to get their hands on a Concert C15 or C22 or any of the Classical "L" models and to adapt their repertoire to the rich resonance of the Kiirpa.

Collectors appreciate the Kiirpa for it's many qualities as a musical instrument as well as the variations in it's forms, engineering and beauty. It comes as a surprise, but from the very beginning it was collectors who kept the Kiirpa flame burning by purchasing, collecting, gifting and sponsoring our labor of Love.