Tuning the Kiirpa

This webpage, a booklet that comes with every instrument and video tutorials will be valuable guides to the powerful flexibility of Kiirpa tuning.

Did you know that Kiirpas can be strung with a wide variety of string sizes and weights?  And depending on which strings you use you also have a huge selection of tuning patterns?

We have spreadsheets full of possibilities such that there are certainly more than one tuning that can be adapted to every instrument, every style of music and every musician. The sky is the limit.

And when we add the tuning of the registers with the positioning of the floating bridge, well.....multiply the sky and the sea together! 

It's all on it's way. Right here to this web page.

And we're also working on a dedicated Kiirpa tuning App that will let your smartphone keep control of your Kiirpa's tunings and registers with the twist of your fingers.