The Kiirpa Community

The Kiirpa Community is all those people that are connected by a common interest in the Kiirpa and it's development, applications, promotion and production. We consider member of the Kiirpa Community as anyone who purchases, owns or wishes to own a Kiirpa. Social Media is being developed to cater to the specific needs of the community.

The Kiirpa Community is an unincorporated non-profit entity dedicated to promoting music education, music therapy, social and spiritual welfare. 

Meet the Kiirpa Team, a group of people that have coalesced into a dedicated team working together:

Dafne Detwiler is our troubleshooter for everything graphic and an apprentice luthier. She studies graphic arts at Brera Academy in Milan. Speaks Italian & English

Doni Detwiler, musician and luthier is founder and CEO of Kiirpa Company and manages the Kiirpa Luthiers in Pavia. Speaks English & Italian

Eric Forrest is our Music Man mentoring everyone on everything while supervising Kiirpa education and music programs.  He is a highly accomplished musician, composer, recording engineer, publisher and all-round cool guy from Missoula, Montana. Speaks English and Music.

Francis Okeke, Esq. keeps a close eye on all the Kiirpa intellectual property rights. Francis is a very bright London based solicitor, human rights advocate and startups engineer. Speaks English & Spanish

Stefano Nobile is Mr. Setup, a musician and audio-video technician that turns a pile of wood into a precision musical instrument at the Kiirpa Luthiers in Pavia. Speaks Italian & English

Kiirpa Luthiers is the principle manufacturing facility in Italy.  

Kiirpa Company is the principle customer service, marketing and sales channel based in Denver, USA.

Sadvipra LLC is the custodian of all Kiirpa patents and intellectual property.